About Elm Engineering

Elm Engineering, Inc. is the first company in the Charlotte area to focus solely on sustainable engineering, energy efficiency, LEED consulting, and commissioning. We are committed to the Architecture 2030 Challenge to be carbon neutral by the year 2030. Every project we do contains elements of sustainability.

Since opening, Elm has grown into a firm noted for exceptional quality and on time delivery. We have assembled the best talent in mechanical and electrical engineering, commissioning, energy analysis, lighting controls, sustainable systems like solar thermal, absorption chillers, photovoltaics, rainwater catchment, and LEED services.

We are a firm unique in our dedication to energy efficiency and resource conservation. We understand the need for practicality and combines this with the best engineering talent relative to the services we provide. Elm is an Energy Star partner, having received that prestigious recognition from the United States EPA for our work in the energy conservation field. Elm has 42 LEED projects completed or underway. Our projects range from Basic Certification to Platinum. One project is 100% off the grid for all services.

Our staff includes certified commissioning providers, professional engineers, and LEED Accredited Professionals. We are committed to producing a complete and balanced analysis that fairly evaluates all your renewable energy and energy independence needs. Because of our many years of experience in renewable energy, we know what works and what doesn’t. Elm has a proven track record with many repeat clients. We strive to satisfy the goals of triple bottom line accountability: great environments for people to work, live, and learn; profitable buildings to own and operate; and increased sustainability of our world.